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Cflash does not use cookies on the company's website,

We take the Personal Data Policy very serious and you are always welcome to contact Cflash if you have questions regarding your personal data. Please do it through this mail:


As part of the operation of our business we do process personal data about our customers, partners, suppliers and others. This is considered data controlling. We do this only with the knowledge of our employees, partners etc. 

When we ask you to make your personal data available to us, we inform you about which data about you we process and for which purpose. You receive the information at the time, we collect it.


If we collect data about you from others, e.g. a supplier, authority or partner, we inform you about it within 10 days of having collected your personal data. We also inform you about the purpose of the collection and the legal basis entitling us to collect your personal data.

Also we keep it safe and make sure it wont get abused

You can always - anytime ask us which data we have concerning you and if you think that your personal data are not processed correctly, you can contact us and then potentially complain to the Danish data protection authority ( .

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